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When you crack or break a tooth or crown, you don’t want to wait weeks to restore your smile. Using state-of-the-art CEREC® technology from Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., the expert dentists at Santa Monica Bay Dental in Santa Monica, California, fit, create, and apply your custom-designed crown in just one day. Whether you need a new crown, partial crown, or veneers, you start smiling again in just one hour. Call the friendly Santa Monica Bay Dental team, located in the Los Angeles metro area, to set up your same day dentistry restoration, or use the online form to book an appointment.

Same Day Dentistry

What is same-day dentistry?

Same-day dentistry is a state-of-the-art service that allows your dentist to custom-design, create, and apply your crowns in just one hour. The team at Santa Monica Bay Dental uses the cutting-edge CEREC system to fit and print your crowns in their office, eliminating the wait times of sending impressions to and from an outside lab.

What is the CEREC system?

CEREC stands for “CERamic REConstruction.” With the CEREC system, you don’t have to bite down on uncomfortable molds. Instead, your dentist takes digital photos of your teeth and gums. 

The digital impressions then go to a 3D printer that’s right in the Santa Monica Bay Dental office. Your dentists use same-day dentistry to create:

  • New crowns
  • Replacement crowns
  • Partial crowns
  • Veneers

If you wish, you can watch your prosthesis as it’s created right before your eyes.

Why would I need a crown?

A dental crown slips over your natural tooth to protect it after it’s been broken, chipped, or damaged. Your dentist applies a crown after root canal therapy or if you have a filling that’s too large for your natural tooth to support on its own. Your dentist also uses crowns to attach a dental bridge to the abutment teeth.

Even if your teeth aren’t damaged, you might choose a crown to improve your smile. Crowns cover misshapen and discolored teeth, instantly improving their appearance. 

Is CEREC a temporary crown?

With CEREC, you don’t need temporary crowns anymore. You get your custom-designed, custom-made crown right on the spot. Within one hour, your smile is completely restored. Because your dentist fits and applies permanent crown right away, you don’t even need a follow-up appointment.

How long do CEREC custom-designed, permanent crowns last?

Your CEREC crown, partial crown, or veneer lasts for up to 10 years. They’re just as durable as a ceramic crown from the lab. 

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What are some advantages of same-day dentistry?

The biggest advantage of same-day dentistry is the time it saves you. Instead of coming in for multiple visits, you only need one hour. Other advantages include:

  • No jaw pain during the impression process
  • No dark crown margins
  • No allergic reactions  
  • Completely natural appearance
  • No uncomfortable “temporaries”

To set up your same-day dentistry appointment, call the helpful Santa Monica Bay Dental team or use the convenient online form.