Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

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No one likes to hear the words “root canal,” but in all reality, the procedure is a necessary one if you want to save your natural tooth. The good news is that today, root canal treatment is nowhere near as invasive or painful as it was in the past. At Santa Monica Bay Dental, we use the latest technology to ensure your comfort as well as the success of the procedure. The root canal procedure is a very beneficial process that clears out any decay or infection and allows you to keep your tooth’s natural roots, which helps to prevent bone loss and further dental health issues.

How the Root Canal is Performed
The root canal is a procedure that allows our dentists to get to the root of the problem, so to speak. Oftentimes tooth decay is bad enough that it damages the nerve of your teeth. When this is the case, we are able to remove the nerve that is affected and seal the area back up. Once the nerve is removed from the roots, the canal is cleaned and the area is healed. We then proceed to cap the tooth with a dental crown or bridge. This enables you to keep your natural tooth, giving you full function of your mouth without the risk of infection spreading even further.

What to Expect
The most unnerving part of a root canal is not knowing what to expect. At Santa Monica Bay Dental, we are here to ensure that you are fully informed on every procedure that we need to perform. This enables you to feel comfortable with the process as well as be able to know what to expect.

The root canal procedure is done under local anesthetic, which means we will numb your mouth in the appropriate areas to ensure that you do not feel anything that is being done. In order to gain access to the roots, we will enter through your tooth’s crown, working through the nerve and down to the root. Our professionals use sterile tools to eliminate any decay or infected material that is present and then fully cleanse the entire area. After the area is cleaned, we seal the roots and finish with a temporary filling.

At your second appointment for the root canal, we will ensure that the area has healed well and will then place a more permanent solution on the tooth – such as a dental crown or bridge. This allows you to chew, smile, and talk with ease. You are then left with a beautiful, healthy smile once again.

After your root canal, your recovery period is rather minimal. You will need to wait for the numbness to wear off before you eat or drink anything, but any pain should be able to be managed with over-the-counter ibuprofen. The only other precautions you need to take are watching what you eat on that side of your mouth until the permanent crown is in place and to properly clean the area by brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly.

Dealing with excessive pain due to tooth decay or infection is not the way to optimal oral health. Call Santa Monica Bay Dental today to see how we can help you alleviate your pain and gain your good oral health back once again!

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