Painless dentistry is here. No more needles! With this new technology, we are able to perform many dental procedures without using anesthetic. Here are just some of the procedures we can do:
• Removal of decay
• Frenectomy
• Gum surgeries
• Crown Lengthening
• Dental fillings
• Removal of lichen planus
• Gingival contouring
• Removal of fibromas

Our dentist and team at Santa Monica Bay Dental use the state-of-the-art Solea® laser to perform many of your dental treatments. By using the Solea laser, we can provide you with more precise and effective treatments as well as enhanced comfort during your appointment. To learn more about the Solea laser in Santa Monica, California, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brett Lent, Dr. Tricia Feist, Dr. Sahar Shai or Dr. Kaitlin Beetner, please contact our office today at 310-453-8606.



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