Composite Fillings

Composite Santa Monica

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composite-fillings-dentist-in-santa-monica-bay-cosmetic-dentistry-ddsFillings are a common type of restoration used in dentistry. They are a simple treatment that our dentists, Dr. Brett Lent, Dr. Tricia Feist, and Dr. Roger Lent, can use to restore and help provide strength to a tooth that has damage to its structure that is not significant enough to require a crown.

At Santa Monica Bay Dental we know that you want a healthy smile that is beautiful enough to share. We want that too, that’s why we have worked to provide you tooth colored fillings that are strong, long lasting, and durable to withstand normal daily use. Using a composite material, our tooth colored fillings are made from quartz porcelain that has been mixed with a resin material and shaded to match your teeth. There is no mercury in this type of filling material as found in silver amalgam materials. The application of composite is a simple, non-invasive procedure that will help to replace broken portions of your teeth.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Our dentists love using this product because it has other benefits including:

  • repair damage from decay
  • replace silver fillings
  • repair chips and cracks
  • fill in gaps
  • cover that are badly stained
  • its ability to stick to the surface of your teeth allowing us to remove a smaller portion of the natural tooth structure

Traditionally, patients more commonly received silver amalgam fillings. The downside was the mercury used in this material, and it had some patients uneasy. With time, composite filling has advanced in strength. A twelve year study showed that composite material actually fared far better than it’s mercury predecessor. With a significantly lower fail rate, we feel confident that this is the right product for dental repairs.

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