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Why Wait? Explore Our Same-day Dentistry Services

Lots of dental services can be done in a relatively short appointment. For example, your regular checkup probably doesn’t take up your whole day, and cleanings are usually pretty quick. Other services must be performed over a series of appointments and can take several weeks to complete. 

Getting a crown often involves at least two appointments, and you’re fitted with a temporary crown between them. The experts at Santa Monica Dental in Santa Monica, California, offer a same-day crown. The technology allows us to provide same-day veneers, as well. Finally, the revolutionary teeth-whitening system we use is also a same-day appointment. 

Same-day crown

We use CEREC®, a cutting-edge technology, to create crowns in one day. Usually, when you need a crown, you visit your dentist, they take impressions of your mouth and the tooth the crown will cover, then you go home. Your dentist sends your impressions off to a lab, where your crown is made. You return for another appointment, and your permanent crown is situated. 

This process presents several problems. Aside from the fact that your time is valuable, temporary crowns are usually uncomfortable. Also, having the impressions made can be quite uncomfortable, even painful. Then there’s the wait; no one likes waiting. 

With CEREC, which stands for CEramic REConstruction, we skip the temporary crown. This is possible through the use of digital photos and 3D technology. The digital “impressions” are sent to a 3D printer right in our office, which creates a crown custom-designed for your mouth. You can even watch if you want! 

Same-day veneers

If you’ve made the decision to get veneers, you’re probably excited. You’ve decided to invest in yourself, and you want to show the world your new smile. Traditionally, the process for getting veneers is similar to for of a crown. You need separate visits and have to wait for a lab to create your veneers. 

Just as with a same-day crown, the dentists at Santa Monica Dental can take digital images or
Impressions of your teeth, and the veneers are created by CEREC. Your veneers are perfectly designed to suit you from their color to their shape. 

Zoom! whitening 

Scads of different whitening kits and technologies are available. We’ve evaluated many of them, and chosen to offer our patients the Zoom! WhiteSpeed whitening treatment. This method of whitening carries many benefits, including the fact that you can leave our office with teeth that are four shades lighter. 

If you want to keep your teeth white and bright, we offer an at-home touch-up kit, as well. The Zoom! system doesn’t cause irritation to your gums, either. 

If you’d like to learn more about our same-day dental services, book an appointment. We’ll be happy to answer your questions in the context of your individual dental needs. You can schedule your appointment using our online tool, or you can call us at 310-453-8606.

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