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Improving Your Dental Care with an Intraoral Camera

Improving Your Dental Care with an Intraoral Camera

A non-compliant patient is one who doesn’t follow the recommendations of their provider. Unfortunately, dentists often have non-compliant patients, often because the patient doesn’t feel pain and so doesn’t see the need for additional procedures. 

The outstanding team at Santa Monica Bay Dental in Santa Monica, California, are great communicators, but sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Our doctors have found that when patients can actually see what’s happening in their mouths, they are more likely to get the care they need, even if nothing hurts. That’s why we use an intraoral camera during your visit. 

What is an intraoral camera? 

Just as you might expect from the name, an intraoral camera captures images inside your mouth. The camera is lightweight, small, uses LED lighting, and your dentist uses it to take photos of your teeth. 

The photos can provide a timeline of improvements from visit to visit if you’re having a series of procedures, or they can be used to show you what’s happening with your oral health. We can focus on one tooth at a time, or on quadrants of your mouth. 

What are the benefits of an intraoral camera? 

Using an intraoral camera benefits you and our staff, but in the end, the biggest benefit is that you get better dental care. 

The benefits for you are clear: You can see why we’re suggesting treatments. You can see hairline fractures, crumbling fillings, or areas where your flossing may not be as efficient and thorough as you think it is. You can take better care of your oral health at home between visits when you can see the results of your efforts when you come in. 

For us, using an intraoral camera means that we can see the progress of your care over your time with our practice. For example, if you have a problem we are monitoring, such as a wisdom tooth that may need to be removed, we have a way to visually track the issue. 

Patient education using photos

We train for years to take good care of your oral health, and we’re immersed in all things dental, all the time. Sometimes we forget that not everyone is! But, it’s our job to make sure you understand what’s going on in your mouth, and the best way we’ve found to do so is through the use of images. 

Dental care is health care, and it’s complex and sometimes confusing. By using images captured with an intraoral camera, we can better explain your situation, and you may realize that you have questions. 

We’ve found that the use of intraoral cameras enhances most of the elements of providing excellent dental care. Schedule your visit with the team at Santa Monica Bay Dental today and find out how seeing images of your mouth can help you feel better about your oral health. 

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