Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

There are several reasons your teeth may not be looking as pearly as they once did, but it’s not something you just have to live with. The experts at Santa Monica Bay Dental in Santa Monica, California, can help you enjoy flashing your bright white smile once again with professional, in-office whitening! Here’s what you need to know. 

Why teeth become discolored

There are a few different ways your teeth may have lost their color. The most common is simply time. 

Your teeth have a coating of hard, white enamel that protects them from damage and bacteria. Beneath the enamel is a layer of material called dentin. Dentin is softer than enamel, and also isn’t as white – it has more of a yellow or gray color. 

Over time, your enamel begins to wear thin. Consider how many times you brush your teeth, chew, or even just close your mouth so that your teeth touch each other. That’s a lot of wear! 

As your enamel gets thinner, the dentin beneath it becomes more visible, and that can cause your teeth to look yellow or gray. Over-the-counter products are unlikely to help, but professional whitening can! 

Another possible reason your teeth may have changed color is staining. Many foods and beverages can cause stains over time. You’ve probably spilled coffee on a white shirt before and seen a resulting stain. It does the same thing to your teeth! 

In fact, red wine, blueberries, and even marinara sauce can all stain your teeth. Smoking, too, causes stains on your teeth. Once again, over-the-counter products may not be strong enough to remove the stains, but professional whitening can help. 

Our process

At Santa Monica Bay Dental, we use a product called Zoom! Whitespeed from Phillips for in-office whitening treatments. 

One of the advantages of Zoom Whitespeed is right in the name – speed. This professional whitening treatment takes about 45 minutes and offers immediate results. You don’t have to wait a few days to see the difference, as you do with many other whitening treatments. 

Since you’re in our office and your treatment is being provided by highly trained professionals, you don’t need to worry about damaging your thinning enamel. We want you to enjoy optimal oral health, and keeping your enamel intact is important to us. 

We also offer an at-home touch-up kit so that you can continue to maintain a dazzling, beautiful smile. Of course, we highly recommend you come in twice a year to keep your teeth healthy as well as sparkling. 

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of in-office teeth whitening, schedule an appointment for an evaluation. We’re always happy to answer your questions and make recommendations based on your specific situation. 

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