Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Sometimes, due to trauma, infection, or decay, a patient will require a full mouth reconstruction. Also referred to as full mouth rehabilitation as well as restoration, full mouth reconstruction is a restorative process meant to repair all the teeth in your mouth at the same time or in a planned phased manner. Injured teeth, fractured teeth, and teeth that have been significantly eroded by acid – the kind in soda, or the type that is present from acid reflux disease are some of the possible situations that require this type of reconstructive procedure. Patients experiencing continuous jaw, head, or muscle pain might also require a full reconstruction in order to provide them with a bite that better fits their needs.

Dentist-examining-dental-teeth-Xray-reconstructive-dentistry-santa-monica-californiaHow do I Know if I Need Full mouth Reconstruction Services?
The only way to determine whether or not you need full mouth reconstruction is by visiting your dentist. The staff at Santa Monica Bay Dental is happy to take the time to carefully examine your mouth and help decide whether you’re a good candidate for a full restoration procedure. There are various factors that we use to help determine the best treatment option for your particular needs.

What is the Qualification Process Like?
This may go without saying, but one of the most important factors that we take into consideration is the overall condition of your teeth. Issues such as cavities, decay, fractures, and problems with the roots of your teeth will influence the type of procedure that our dentists recommend. It should be noted that there are quite a few options available, and we’re happy to walk you through all of them. Some of the possible restorative procedures include crowns, veneers, bridges, or implants. Regardless, each option is unique and is customized to each patient based on their needs.

The health of your gums is another important factor that will affect your dentist’s decision about how to best treat your needs. Issues such as pockets of infection, irregular tissue growth, either too much or too little, and periodontal disease are all problems that need to be addressed before a full mouth restoration procedure can be conducted in order to ensure that the foundation for repaired teeth will encourage healthy habits. Possible procedures to help improve or safeguard the health of your gum tissue include bone grafts, or even tissue grafts that work to repair the integrity of your jaw.

Your bite is another important factor to keep in mind when considering full mouth reconstruction. To help ensure the health of your teeth and mouth, we have to make sure that you already have a solid bite. You should be able to chew without pain, for example, and the position of your teeth should be one that safeguards against destructive or erosive biting damage. It is possible that you might need to receive treatment to correct your bite before moving on to the full mouth restoration itself.

Full mouth reconstruction is not a decision to take lightly. As you can see above, there are a variety of factors that impact your eligibility for these intensive techniques; however the staff at Santa Monica Bay Dental is happy to work with you in order to ensure you receive the kind of treatment that helps you achieve the kind of oral health that you deserve.

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