Cosmetic Bonding

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Sometimes referred to as aesthetic bonding, this simple dental procedure can make a significant difference in the way you look. Our dentists, Dr. Brett Lent, Dr. Tricia Feist, and Dr. Roger Lent, are able to fill in gaps, repair teeth that are chipped or cracked, and even make stains disappear using composite bonding. The same material used to fill in cavities, this tooth colored composite filling is durable, strong, and should last you several years with normal daily use.

What is this composite made of?

The composite material used for bonding is comprised of quartz porcelain that is mixed with resin and is colored to match the surrounding healthy teeth in your mouth. There is no mercury or other harmful additives in this product, it is completely safe, and will not break easily, it is as strong as your natural teeth.

Which teeth can I have composite bonding put on?

Essentially, composite can be placed on any of your teeth, it is strong enough to handle the pressure of your biting surfaces. Primarily, when it comes to aesthetic bonding. we are referring to the repair of your front teeth. These are the teeth that are most often seen when you talk and smile. With composite bonding, we are able to help:

  • even out a crooked smile
  • fix a chipped or broken tooth
  • hide stains from coffee habits
  • fill in gaps


 What can I expect at my appointment?

The process for composite fillings or bonding is painless. One of our dentists at Santa Monica Bay Dental will start by preparing the surface by roughing it up to allow the tooth to accept the composite material. This is similar to sanding a surface before painting. The feeling can be likened to filing your nails. With the surface ready, our dentist will apply the dental bonding to your teeth. We then shape, smooth, and polish it. The process is finished with a light source that is used to harden the material. Before you leave, our dentist will ensure that you are able to floss the area normally, and that your bite is not altered. Your result will be a natural looking tooth, both in shape, look, and function.

How do I care for my bonding after the procedure?

When you leave our office, you should be able to return to work or the rest of your day as normal. There should be no downtime needed for composite bonding. This process does not effect your diet or daily oral hygiene care.

Our patients have expressed their love for this procedure, bonding is less expensive than dental veneers or crowns, and the process is fast, it is done in one office visit. This is a fix that should last you several years, though it is not as strong as veneers or crowns, but it is a wonderful alternative for simple repairs.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about aesthetic bonding or composite material. Contact our Santa Monica, CA office at: (310) 736-2277