At Santa Monica Bay Dental, we can replace missing teeth using a fixed bridge. One of our highly skilled dentists can customize a false tooth, or multiple false teeth, using a a bridge connection between two healthy teeth or dental implants. Filling in gaps is important to the future health of your mouth.


What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges replace missing teeth and are an alternative to dentures or dental implants. With healthy teeth surrounding the missing teeth, they can act as the anchors for the bridge. Bridges are non-removable in your mouth unless there is a reason to do so, such as decay or infection. Bridges are permanent, the placement of them requires us to permanently alter the healthy anchor teeth. The teeth that surround the dental bridge are prepared for the appliance by being filed down in order to allow the bridge to fit. Bridges are often desired when one or more teeth are missing because it allows you to keep the same shape in your mouth as was there prior to the missing teeth, which allows for more comfortable chewing and talking.

Why should I fill in my missing tooth with a dental bridge?

  • provide your teeth the additional strength and structure you need for the natural function of your teeth
  • prevent your teeth from shifting which can cause your jaw to go out of alignment
  • fix speech issues that can arise from missing teeth
  • halt bone atrophy that begins from the moment a tooth is missing
  • improve your facial shape which is altered from missing teeth
  • prevent chewing issues

Our dentists, Brett Lent, DDS, Tricia Feist, DMD, or Roger Lent, DDS, are happy to discuss your options for replacing a missing tooth. We know that it is best to replace them and that it will benefit the surrounding teeth, tissue, and bone. Call for more information our Santa Monica office. (310) 736-2277