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  • Love everything here!  The office is clean, bright, and has plenty of street parking.  The dentists walk you through everything and make sure you are comfortable with what they are doing.  Also, this was one of the best cleanings I have ever had. I would highly recommend Santa Monica Bay Dental!
  • I had a fantastic first visit experience at Santa Monica Bay Dental. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.  I had Dr. Feist for my dentist, and she did a great job explaining everything to me.  Most dentists will tell you just enough (in response to your questions) to get you out of the chair, but it's clear to me that Dr. Feist is passionate about dentistry...she could barely contain it and if I wanted, I feel like she would have given me a half hour lesson on whatever questions I had. She's a great dentist and I'm thankful to Yelp for alerting me to it. Scott is there at the end for the check out process, and he helped explain the insurance situation in a way that made more sense to me.  He also gave some great advice in how to get the most bang for the buck in terms of the timing of my dental care. In short, they are friendly, professional, and good at what they do. I'll definitely be back.
  • Dr. Lent is an incredible dentist and even a better person. He is a true professional and strives to provide the best care possible for all his patients. His entire staff is personal, caring and available at all times. It’s kind of strange, but I actually look forward to heading to the dentist now. Thanks Dr. Lent for giving me the oral-health I need.
  • It was my first time going to see Dr. Feist after not having been to the dentist in years. Let’s just say I’m not one for the dentist, but she made going to the dentist easy! She was so amazing, talked me through everything and was very personable. On top of that–the staff was friendly, funny, and really easy to deal with. I couldn’t be happier to have found a new dentist in the area!! -
  • I love everyone here. I have dental anxiety because I had a horrible last dentist (who wanted me to get 4 teeth pulled, 2 root canals, and said I had extra teeth which are actually my sinuses) but everyone at Santa Monica Bay Dental has been amazing and so nice. I recently had issues with my wisdom teeth recovery, and even though it was something so simple, I was so happy they reassured me that the healing process was going smoothly and I had nothing to worry about. The place is clean, bright, calming, and the woman who cleans my teeth is the sweetest person ever. No pain ever. Thanks Santa Monica Bay Dental!

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