Richard Edwards, DDS

Dr. Richard Edwards is the newest addition to our team at Santa Monica Bay Dental.  He joins his fellow classmates, Dr. Brett Lent, Dr. Shafi and Dr. Feist, as graduates of the UCLA School of Dentistry. He shares their vision of success by aspiring to provide the highest excellence in care.

Dr. Edwards grew up in the rural town of Yuba City in Northern California.  He began his education and pursuit of a career in dentistry in 1998 when he realized his curveball wasn’t made for the major leagues.  His education and aspiration have taken him from University of Florida to UCLA, then in the United States Navy to Camp Pendleton, Guam and San Diego, then off to Long Beach, where he obtained his degree in Endodontics at the VA hospital.  After a couple years in private practice as an Endodontist, Dr. Edwards is happy to have finally settled in the Santa Monica area.  Dr. Edwards brings a wide range of experience to the practice.  In addition to his degree in Endodontics, he also has a degree in hospital dentistry and five years of general dentistry practice with a focus on emergency care for patients in severe pain or with severe infection or trauma.

Dr. Edwards is a man with a wide range of passions and interests including, but not limited to: bowling, baseball, basketball, softball, golf, swimming, Pilates, yoga, snowboarding, paddle boarding, coaching, teaching, comedy, and piano.  He still stays active in sports and coaching, but as he ages, finds himself more active in the stretching sports, such as yoga or Pilates.  When he is not working or enjoying the city of Santa Monica, Dr. Edwards is trying to find a way to serve the less fortunate in our community and the world. Whether he’s using his skills to serve on yearly mission trips in Central America which he’s done for the past 12 years, or to volunteer teaching at UCLA, Dr. Edwards is always looking for ways to give back and make a difference.

Dr. Edwards Dental Philosophy:

Education:  “A professional man has no right, but to be a continual student.” - G.V. Black.  Dr. Edwards believes that it is the doctor’s moral responsibility to know what the best current practices are and to implement them into his treatment of patients.  Dr. Edwards’ commitment to education is evident by his teaching at UCLA Dental School, and his continual pursuit of knowledge is evident by his pursuit of a board certification in Endodontics (something only accomplished by 10 - 20% of the profession).

Patient Care:  Dr. Edwards takes his oaths and pledges seriously.  Every patient should feel comfortable in knowing that their health, healing and comfort are his primary concerns.   In an era dominated by corporations, Dr. Edwards’ goal is to bring back a personalized experience and a personal touch to the treatment of patients.  No case is started without the patient understanding everything involved in their treatment and their choices, and no treatment will be finished until everything possible is done to ensure healing and symptom relief.   Any patient who comes to Dr. Edwards in pain can feel comfortable in knowing he won’t rest until he finds a solution and he won’t treat any teeth unless he is absolutely sure that treatment serves to benefit the patient.